Viewing a Certificate

The trusted public certificates of servers are stored in the cacerts keystore file, and the trusted public certificates (and private keys) of clients are stored in the clientcerts keystore file. This option allows you to view trusted public certificates currently held in the keystores, and copy the details to another location.


To view a certificate:


1.  Do one of the following:



The system displays the General certificate details. Click the Details and Certification Path tabs to display other details.


If you want to copy the certificate to a file, go to step 2.  


If you do not want to copy the certificate to a file, go to step 4.


2.  To copy the certificate to a file, click the Copy to File button.


3.  From the Save dialog, enter a name for the certificate in the File Name text box, and then click the Save button.


4.  Click OK to close the Certificate dialog.  


5.  Click OK to close the dialog.

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