Displaying Directory Information

When you select an entry in the Directory Information Tree (DIT), the results are displayed in the right pane. You can choose to display the results in HTML (through a template) or a table.


To display the details of a directory entry:


  1. Locate the entry that you want to view in the DIT.


  1. Do one of the following:


    • Click the entry

    • Use the arrow keys to select the entry


The details are displayed in the Entry Display Pane.


  1. Select one of the following:


    • HTML View tab, if you want to display the results in a template

    • Table Editor tab, if you want to display the results in a table


Note: The Table Editor displays all possible attributes, whereas the template only displays those attributes that have been tagged for display. The Table Editor also provides the Properties button, which you can click to display the operational attributes such as the date of the last modification.

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