Custom Security Providers

Which security provider is used by JX can be set in a number of ways. One method is to use Sun's method of installing a number of security providers on the system - this can be very useful if you have a number of security enabled java applications on your system.

Alternatively, I've found it very useful to be able to specify a particular security provider as having priority - for instance if you have a security handles pkcs#12 files, you may prefer to use it rather than the default Sun provider that ships with java 1.4.

To accomplish this, simply set a line in the JXplorer config file called 'dxconfig.txt' (not jxconfig.txt - historical reasons :-) ) that reads something like:

(And replace the with your own version). You'll need to make sure that a jar file containing your provider is placed in the plugins directory, where it will be picked up at run time by the JX class loader.

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