Adding a Private Key

If you want to use client authenticated Secure Sockets Layer (SSL),  you must add the client's trusted public certificate (or the public certificate of the client's certificate authority), and the corresponding private key, to the clientcerts keystore file. See Adding a Certificate for more information on adding certificates.


Private keys can only be imported as a special type of password-protected file called pkcs8. The password of the private key must be the same as that protecting the keystore.


To add a private key:


1.  From the Security Menu, choose Client Certificates.


2.  Select the client certificate to which you want to add the private key, and then click the Set Private Key button.


3.  Select the private key that you want to add to the client certificate, and then click the Open button.


4.  Enter the keystore password, and then click OK.


5.  Click OK to close the dialog.


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