Adding a New Entry

This option allows you to add a new $2 to the directory. If you are adding a large number of entries, it is recommend that you contact your System Administrator and perform a bulk load.


To add a new entry:


1.  From the Directory Information Tree (DIT), select the parent entry, that is, the level under which you want to insert the new entry. For example, if you want to add a person to the Administration Department, select Administration.


2.  Do one of the following:



3.  (Optional) Select the Suggest Classes check-box if you want JXplorer to display the compulsory object classes for the new entry.


4.  Check that the distinguished name (DN) of the parent entry in the Parent DN text box is correct.


5.  Enter the Relative Distinguished Name (RDN) of the new entry in the Enter RDN text box. For example, if you want to add John Smith to the Administration Department, you may enter cn=John SMITH.


JXplorer displays the compulsory object classes for this entry in the Selected Classes pane.


6.  (Optional) If you want to add another compulsory object class, select the item from the Available Classes pane, and then click the Add button.


7.  (Optional) Repeat step 6 for all required object classes, and then click OK.


8.  Enter the attribute values for the new entry. For more information on adding attribute values, see Adding an Attribute Value.

9.  If the details are correct, click the Submit button.


Note:  If you do not click the Submit button, the details will not be saved.


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