Using Binary Values

Some attribute values, for example, certificates, are not text; therefore, they cannot be displayed or edited in the Table Editor. JXplorer stores these values as binary data. When you add a binary attribute value, JXplorer converts the value to hex characters and displays it in the Binary Data dialog, which allows you to import, edit, and export the value.


To add a binary attribute value:


1.  Ensure that you are in Table Editor view.


2.  Select the entry in the Directory Information Tree (DIT) to which you want to add a binary attribute value.


3.  Position the cursor in the Value column, alongside the binary attribute type, for example userCertificate.


4.  From the Binary Data dialog, click the Load button.


5.  Select the file that you want to import, and then click the Open button.


JXplorer converts the file to hex characters and displays the first 1000 characters in the Binary Data dialog. If you want to view the rest of the data, click the Edit button.


Note:  If you want to export the file, click the Save button.


6.  Click OK.


7.  Click the Submit button to save the value to the directory.

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