Joining Filters

A complex search comprises one or more filters. If you save the filters when you define a search, you can create an even more complex search by joining them together. Any filter can be joined; you can also join joined filters.


To join filters:


1.  From the Search dialog, choose the Join Filters tab.


2.  Select the filter that you want to join from the drop-down list and click the More button.


3.  Select an operator from the drop-down list and repeat steps 1-2 until you have joined all of the filters you want.


Note:  To edit a build filter, click the Edit button alongside the build filter that you want to edit. When you have made the changes, select the Join Filters tab to continue.


4.  (Optional) To negate the entire filter, select the Not check box.


5.  (Optional) To save the joined filters, enter a name in the Filter Name text box, and then click the Save button.





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