Performing a Quick Search

The Quick Search Bar allows you to execute a simple, single attribute search.




To perform a simple search:


1.  From the Attribute List, select a search attribute. Alternatively, enter a new one, for example, ou, cn.


Note: Any changes or additions to this list are saved when JXplorer shuts down.


2.  From the Operator List, select the matching relationship for your search:






Exact match

sn=marten will return all entries with a surname of marten.


Fuzzy match

sn~=marten will return all entries with a surname that sounds like marten, for example, martin, martinez.


Starting from

sn>=w will return all entries starting with w, and any subsequent letter of  the alphabet, for example, Watts, Wittle, Yates.


Up to

sn<=b will return all entries up to b, for example, Anderson, Ash, B. Note this does not return entries starting with b, and followed by other letters.


Not equal

title!(=)secretary will return all entries with a title other than secretary.


3.  Enter the search criteria in the Search Term text box.


Note:  Use * as a wild card, for example, if you enter sn=smi*, the search will return all entries that start with smi.


4.  Click the Quick Search button.


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