Setting the Logging Method

JXplorer provides a number of logging options, ranging from no logging to complete tracing of all Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) communications. This option allows you to choose the method by which you view these logs.


To set the logging method:


1.  From the Options Menu, choose Advanced Options.


The JXplorer Advanced Options dialog appears.


2.  Select the Log Method tab at the top of the dialog.  


3.  Choose the logging method you want:





No logging is performed.


Logging can be viewed via a management console.


Logging details are copied to a file in the .../logs directory.

Console and File

Logging details can be viewed via a management console; they are also copied to a file in the ../logs folder.


4.  Click the Apply button.


Note: To revert the logging method back to the last saved version, click the Reset button.


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