Exporting an LDIF File

When JXplorer is connected to a directory, you can choose to export values to an LDAP Data Interchange Format ( LDIF) file, for either the full Directory Information Tree (DIT), or the selected subtree.


To export an LDIF file:


1.  From the LDIF Menu, choose one of the following:



The LDIF dialog displays the current root Distinguished Name (DN).


If you want to change the root DN in the LDIF file, go to step 2.


If you want the LDIF file to retain this DN, go to step 3.


2.  Enter the new root DN in the New Root DN text box. For example, if the Root DN is ou=Finance,o=Democorp,c=au, and you want to rename the organizational unit Marketing, enter ou=Marketing,o=Democorp,c=au.


Note: Do not enter spaces.


3.  Click OK.


4.  Select the folder in which you want the LDIF file saved, and then enter a file name in the File Name text box.


Note: If you create a new folder, the system names it New Folder.


5.  Click the Save button.


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