Creating an Alias

An alias is similar to a shortcut. It is used to link different parts of the Directory Information Tree (DIT). For example, a person may work in the Human Resources department, but is also Manager of the Sporting Committee; therefore, you may want to link the two entries together to save re-typing the information, and maintaining two entries.


The easiest way to create an alias is to copy an entry and then paste it to another part of the DIT. When you copy an entry, you can choose to copy the full distinguished name (DN).


Note: When performing a search, you can choose to return alias entries as well.


To create an alias:


1.  From the Directory Information Tree (DIT), select the entry that you want to copy.


2.  Do one of the following:



3.  From the DIT, select the parent entry under which you want to place the alias.


4.  Right-click the parent entry, and then select Paste Alias from the drop-down list.


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